Behavioral Threat Assessment Team

The Michigan State University’s Behavioral Threat Assessment Team (BTAT) exists to facilitate a multidisciplinary, coordinated response to reports of students, employees, or other individuals on campus who have engaged in behavior indicating a possible threat of harm to self or other members of the campus community.

The goals of the BTAT include:

  • Support a safe, productive working and learning environment
  • Educate the campus community to identify and report potential threats
  • Provide early, prompt, and effective intervention

The BTAT meets to assess the likelihood of risk and identify actions that can be taken to potentially mitigate the risk. The team also works to help faculty, staff, and administrators effectively interact with such individuals, establish clear behavioral expectations, and describe the potential consequences for failure to meet those expectations within the context of established University policies.

The BTAT is comprised of representatives from across campus. Please see the MEMBERS page for details on unit representation.

Contacting the Team

The BTAT becomes involved when any member of the MSU community submits a referral to the BTAT case manager. Referrals can be made by: